Worried about your water heater? Hot water heater repairs can help if your water heater has minor issues. However, you might need a little more than a repair if you take a closer look. Water heater trouble can quickly become dangerous and expensive. It can be a lot easier and cheaper for you to just replace your water heater if you recognize any of these six signs.Water heaters are one of the most forgotten appliances in the home. We hardly ever even think of them until we realize that there is no hot water to do the dishes or, even worse, no hot water to take a shower. Choosing a water heater and getting it installed can sometimes be a time-consuming process, and this is why it is important to keep an eye on your water heater to make sure you can tell when it is beginning to have issues.

The Water Heater is Just Too Old

Water heaters don’t last forever. Still, too many people trust their water heaters will continue to run year after year. You may not notice any issues, but age is an indicator that problems are right around the corner.

To be safe, change your water heater after 8-12 years of use. Some models may not even last that long. Check your warranty for a good estimate on your heater’s expiration date. If you have a water heater that is getting too old, it might be better to call a professional to replace it. If you don’t have a Greenville, SC plumber you trust, give the plumbing experts at Greenville Plumbing Pros a call. Without an expert helping you replace your water heater, the costs of repairs may add up later.

There are Rusted Spots or Rusty Water

Rust is an early warning system for leaks in your water heater. If water from your heater contains rust, you need to change it immediately. If rust manages to eat through your water heater, you could have flooding and some costly water damage. Rusty water may have a muddy look to it and will smell metallic. You may also notice rust spots on the valves if you do not notice it in the water. This also likely means rust is corroding the inside of your heater.

With time, all water heaters can rust. Once rust has entered your heater, there is no saving it. Having a Greenville, SC plumber help with replacing your water heater is the best bet. Stopping leaks before they start can save your home from expensive damage.

There’s a Lack of Hot Water

When your hot water goes out, it can quickly become a huge inconvenience. Hot water is essential to a number of daily activities, such as washing clothes and washing dishes. You’ll want to understand your problem and get your hot water back quickly. There can be several reasons why you are running out of hot water. The four main causes are sediment, a broken dip tube, a small tank, and a bad heating element.

Regardless of the cause, this is the time to look for hot water heater repairs in Greenville, SC.Sometimes, a repair is all that is needed. However, there are other instances in which a replacement water heater is the safest and most cost-effective decision you can make for your home. Our inspections provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your home. Additionally, we offer new water heater options, including tankless water heaters, that can be a great addition to your home if needed.

Water is Collecting by the Heater

Look around your heater. Do you see puddles of water? If you do, it’s a sure sign that you could have a leak. Most water heaters leak due to rust or regular wear and tear.

The constant heating and cooling in your water heater can lead to cracks on the inside of the heater. When your heater is not being used, it may not be actively leaking. That’s why any sign of water around it may be evidence of a leak.

Sometimes leaks can come from connected pipes or other sources. You really don’t want to play the guessing game with water heaters. A leak from a water heater can create severe damage in your home or hurt your family. Always play it safe and get a plumber early on because it will always be worse if you don’t deal with a leak quickly.

Your Heater is Making Noises

Do you hear screeching, popping, or sizzling sounds from your water heater? These noises are not only annoying but may also be signals there is an issue with your water heater functioning properly. There are many different reasons for noises near your water heater. If you understand what they mean, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Noises from your water heater may be due to a buildup inside the tank. Over time sediment can form and may accumulate within the tank. This muck can end up reducing the life expectancy of your water heater. Your unit may take longer to heat due to the layer of sediment. The harder your water heater has to work, the quicker it will deteriorate. Plus, you’ll be spending more money on heating your water.

You can fix this issue early on by simply flushing the tank on a yearly basis. Look for trusted plumbing companies that perform hot water heater repairs in Greenville, SC. They’ll be able to quickly and safely flush your water heater tank. If noises continue, you may want to have your water heater replaced.

You’re Having Frequent Repairs on Your Water Heater

f you’ve been putting up with a large number of repairs on your water heater, then it’s time to stop. Putting money into an expired heater is a waste of cash. When you have to do back to back repairs on your water heater, chances are you should have replaced it a while ago. Go ahead and call a professional to help you replace your water heater.

If you’ve noticed any of these 6 signs, contact a plumbing professional at Greenville Plumbing Pros located in Greenville, SC. You can call us at 864-362-2955 or come to our website, greenvilleplumbingpros.com, for more information.