Best Exciting Things to Do in Greenville

You won’t have a shortage of excitement in Greenville, whether you’re an art lover, a foodie, a history buff, or an outdoor enthusiast. If you’re in Greenville, you can follow some of these ideas of exciting things to do in Greenville. Greenville, SC can be seen here.

The Peace Center

The Peace Center is in the heart of downtown Greenville as a performing arts center that features an outdoor amphitheater, a 400-seat theater, and a 21,000-seat concert venue. The Peace Center is also home to the South Carolina Children’s Theater, two ballet companies, the Greenville Chorale, and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra, apart from presenting dance, comedy, Broadway shows, and a variety of musical performance. Click here to read about Things to Do When You Visit Greenville.

Paris Mountain State Park

As a popular retreat for families looking for outdoor recreation, Paris Mountain State Park is located 5 miles north of Greenville. From the relaxing loop around the lake to the challenging Sulphur Springs Trail, you will enjoy the informational signage and stone bridges and the variety of hiking paths even though some people found the scenery quite overwhelming. You will also enjoy a variety of activities, and when you are with your friends, groups, or families, you will find the park ideal. Be prepared because you will have to pay a token to access the hiking paths.