Burst Pipe Repair


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After a long day, you want to relax. You definitely don’t want to be dealing with pipes busting or water flooding everywhere. If you have a broken pipe, go to Greenville’s burst pipe repair experts at Greenville Plumbing Pros. We’re always ready to help you with any of your plumbing emergencies.

The most important things to us are our clients and our word. Since we work to guarantee your safety, satisfaction, and comfort, we will come as soon as you call. Our team will then work carefully with you to find a solution that will fit your budget and your needs. A busted pipe doesn’t have to put a wrench in your plans when you depend on Greenville Plumbing Pros.

Burst Pipes Bring Big Repair Problems

Everything seemed fine and then all of a sudden, swoosh! Water is gushing down walls, through ceilings or floors and even into your foundation. Cracked pipes can lead to serious damage to your home. All that water can quickly cause serious and widespread damage that can cost your thousands of dollars.

From your furniture to treasured possessions to clothing, water can wreck everything in its path. Even worse, water damage often leads to mold, mildew, and heavy areas of rot in your home. The health issues that come with these damages can sometimes be irreversible.

This is one project you definitely don’t want to Google or DIY. Repairing a burst pipe in the Greenville area should only be done by a licensed and trained plumbing technician. Without professional help, you could have thousands of dollars of damage or serious health issues. Call a reliable plumber to repair your pipe and any other plumbing issues that might be damaging your pipes before it is too late.

What Causes Pipes to Crack or Burst?

How do pipes suddenly bust? A few of the common causes of busted pipes include:

  • Home Remodeling or Renovations – If you have ever done any remodeling or renovations, you know that sometimes pipes can sometimes get hit or even just knocked loose.
  • Wear and Tear – Everything breaks down with age, including your pipes. If you have a plumbing system that is nearing 40 years of use, you are definitely due for a busted pipe. Cast iron, clay, and steel pipes grow thinner over time as they rust or wear down. Extra pressure from build-up pushes against the pipe walls and BOOM! You have a busted pipe.
  • Mineral and Debris Build Up  Just like anything else, your pipes get dirty. Over time, debris and hard minerals can build up creating blockage. These clogs create increased pressure on the pipes. Using the plunger over and over can create even more pressure, giving you a busted pipe and a big mess.
  • Tree Roots – It’s only natural for tree roots to seek out moisture. When they find it in your pipes, they can poke through your plumbing system or choke the pipes. Clogs form and create another perfect opportunity for a pipe to break.
  • Extreme Changes in Weather – One of the most well-known reasons for broken pipes is changes in the weather. Freezing temperatures, strong winds, or storms can weaken your pipes and cause them to break.

Signs of as Burst Pipe

For many people, it seems like pipes break or bust without any warning. Usually, there are warning signs that homeowners can look out for to protect their home from a busted pipe and a flooded home. Here are just a few signs to watch for.

  • Higher Water Bills – If you’re water bills are getting higher but you haven’t changed the amount you use, it’s a sure sign of a leak somewhere. Have Greenville’s burst pipe repair experts inspect everything before it becomes a big mess.
  • Changes in Water Pressure – If you notice continuous changes in water pressure as you use your sinks, a pipe could be busted somewhere in your walls or foundation. These changes in pressure can be really hard on pipes, pipe fittings, and your entire plumbing system.
  • Discolored Water – Even PVC pipes can develop tiny particles of rust that will change the color of your water. If you notice a discoloration in your water, turn it off and call an emergency plumber. Contaminated water often contains bacteria.
  • You Hear Water Rushing – If you don’t have any water running but you still hear it, you have a leak or a busted pipe somewhere. The sound happens as water either leaks out or creates changes in pressure in the pipes.
  • Sulfur Smell – If you suddenly smell rotten eggs, your pipes could be busted and leaking sewage. This is a very serious health hazard and creates a danger to your entire home. Call a trained plumbing technician at once.
  • Noisy Pipes – Banging, clanging, or grinding noises in your pipe is the sign of changes in water pressure. The pipes move as the water pressure changes and eventually, they will break.

If you encounter any of these issues, you may have to call for an emergency plumber.

How Can I Prevent Pipes from Bursting in My Plumbing?

No one wants to come home to a burst pipe emergency. So how can you prevent these disasters from happening? Easy. Follow these tips from the pros.

  • Schedule routine inspections for your plumbing system – Our team of licensed and experienced technicians can catch small issues before they turn into a busted pipe or a broken plumbing system.
  • Watch What Goes Down the Drain – Your plumbing wasn’t made to dispose of everything. Be careful what you flush, rinse, or put down your drains in every area of the home. Our technicians can guide you on what items can and cannot go down the drain.
  • Use the Best Techniques – Make sure you choose a plumber who stays current on their training and licensing. When repairing a burst pipe in the Greenville area, you’ll want to use noninvasive techniques like sewer cameras. Otherwise, you’ll experience the costly chore of having to open up walls or dig into your foundation

If you are searching for burst pipe repair in Greenville, SC, look no further. The team at Greenville Plumbing Pros are dedicated to solving problems quickly and efficiently. Pipes break at the worst times, so we also offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services.