Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Easley SC

Sometimes You Replace and Sometimes You Repair

Garbage disposals take the food that you put down the sink and grid it small so it can go through your pipes. Sometimes that process just doesn’t work as expected. This can lead to an ugly, frustrating mess.

Fortunately, you can contact our team at Greenville Plumbing Pros to set up a service appointment for garbage disposal installation and repairs in Easley, SC. Call 864-362-2955 to get the service you deserve.

My Garbage Disposal Has a Problem

Garbage disposals are designed to tackle demanding applications. Food and other small particles are supposed to be chopped up by your garbage disposal unit. However, putting certain types of food waste into the system can cause issues.

Garbage disposal clogs often occur when homeowners pour in:

  •   Meats
  •   Fats
  •   Grease
  •   Fibrous materials (like carrot peels)

Meat should never go in the disposal. It’s just too tough. Fats and grease can seem like liquid, but once they are cold they can create a solid mess that just sits in your pipes. This mess can grab on to everything that comes after it. Vegetable peels can wrap around the blades and get tangled up and stop the motor from running.

And definitely don’t try to get rid of trash through your grinding unit.

When to Get Help with Garbage Disposal Repairs

How do you know when you need service for a garbage disposal in Easley, SC? Contact a plumbing professional at any time the disposal:

  •   Stops running
  •   Begins leaking
  •   Starts making a lot of noise
  •   Emits strange smells

Garbage disposal problems and dishwasher problems can go hand in hand. If the disposal gets blocked it can push water into the dishwasher. This can then cause a leak. The experts at Greenville Plumbing Pros will make sure that your disposal isn’t creating problems for your dishwasher.

 We provide comprehensive plumbing services throughout the area around Easley, SC.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services are One of Our Specialties

How many people would really like to live without a garbage disposal? They tend to end up being one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. When you can’t easily flush messes down the drain, cooking and cleaning can come to a halt. We are trained to fix problems with your disposal. Call us at 864-362-2955.

We provide fast service, assessing your unique needs in and around Easley, SC.

It’s also worth noting that you may attempt to resolve any problems on your own. The reset button is usually located near or at the bottom of the device. Allow your equipment to cool for a few moments if you must turn it off, then push the reset button.

Doing the reset might get your unit back into operation. However, working with skilled professionals is suggested for the greatest results. Our staff has the knowledge and training to handle garbage disposal repair services in Easley, SC and the upstate.

Extending the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

Make sure you know what is ending up in your disposal. Avoid greasy, fatty, gooey substances. Don’t put things you shouldn’t down your garbage disposal.

Running cold water while using the system is important. It also helps your unit last longer and helps organic matter to flow through. To clean your unit, mix some baking soda and vinegar together with hot water and send it down your drain.

When a problem arises with the unit, some homeowners choose to pour Liquid Plumr down the drain. We advise against doing so as it is unlikely to fix the underlying issue and may make matters worse.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Maintenance

In some cases, your system may just absolutely be broken. In this situation, a plumber can review the issue and provide you with a recommendation for either service or replacement. Normally, in these instances, it is easier to replace a dead unit.

An older unit may not be worth repairing. Instead, you can install a new unit that handles your needs. Our team installs new units and provides regular tune-up services to keep your new system in perfect working order.

Garbage Disposal Not Working Easley, SC?

Get fast service after your garbage disposal stops working in Easley, SC. Reach out to our team at Greenville Plumbing Pros to set up an immediate service call. We’ll review your options to restore or replace your unit. Contact our highly skilled and trained team at 864-362-2955 to get started.

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