Exciting Places in Greenville

From beautiful parks to scenic museums, Greenville is home to attractions and activities. If you intend to visit Greenville and look for exciting places to visit, we have some ideas for you below. Visit this link for more information.

Dark Corner Distillery

Because of its long connection with moonshiners, it has been known as Dark Corner for over 175 years. To continue with the tradition, Dark Corner Distillery preserve the production of small-batch moonshines like absinthe, gin, and aged whiskey. When you visit the downtown tasting room, you can get samples of six spirits and the history of each product. You would love tasting at Dark Corner Distillery with its inventive cocktails that will please you even if you were not a whiskey aficionado. Read about Best Exciting Things to Do in Greenville here.

Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery

One of the largest collections of old master paintings in the United States is the Bon Jones University Museum and Gallery. The place features van Dyck, Tintoretto, Rubens, among others, and works from the 14th through the 19th century. The quality of the collection at the museum will amaze you. You will find out that the place is one of the finest assortments of Christian art in the southeast. You will surely see the museum as the best deal in town.