Exploring Exciting Places in Greenville

Greenville offers several exciting places to visit, including parks, museums, attractions, and other activities. You can get some ideas of exciting places to explore when you visit Greenville below. Greenville, SC information can be seen at this link.

Runway Park at GMU

Kids of all ages will surely love this unique aviation-theme park established by the Greenville Downtown Airport. If your kids are not learning about the science and history of aviation, they can watch aircraft take off and land. It is a must-see for your kids. Your kids can also ride their bikes, play, or run around the place since the place is accessible and clean. The park features facilities like a walking track, multiple play areas, new restrooms, a picnic shelter, and the Runway Café, which offers a comfortable place to grab lunch. Discover facts about Places to Visit in Greenville.

Greenville County Museum of Art

The place boasts of an extensive assemblage of works by Jasper Johns, a South Carolina artist. You will see the world’s largest public collection of watercolors by American artist Andrew Wyeth. You will see the building as a work of art and fall in love with this small museum’s modern feel. When you see the contemporary works of Johns and the water collections of Wyeth, you will be pleased that they are worth seeing. Also, you will like the convenience of downtown locations and free admission.