Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Fountain Inn SC

Do You Need to Replace or Repair Your Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals grind up the food you put down your sink, allowing tiny particles to pass through your plumbing system without clogging it. Garbage disposal difficulties prevent this process from operating effectively, resulting in aggravation.

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Why Does My Garbage Disposal Have a Problem?

Garbage disposals are designed to perform robust tasks. Food and other tiny pieces of debris can be cut up by your garbage disposal equipment. Putting some types of food waste into the system, on the other hand, frequently causes difficulties.

Garbage disposal clogs often occur when homeowners pour in:

  •   Meats
  •   Fats
  •   Grease
  •   Fibrous materials (like onion peels)

Garbage disposals have difficulty dealing with this sort of material. Although the grease is in a liquid form when it is poured into the sink, it hardens as it cools, frequently forming a solid block that needs expert help to remove. Always place these items in your garbage or recycling instead.

But Now I Need Service!

How do you know when you need service for a garbage disposal fix in Fountain Inn, SC? Contact a plumbing professional at any time the disposal:

  •   Stops running
  •   Begins leaking
  •   Starts making a lot of noise
  •   Emits strange smells

Sometimes, your dishwasher can be causing issues as well. If your disposal is blocked, it can pool water into the dishwasher and this can cause a leak. Greenville Plumbing Pros will solve any and all problems related to disposals and dishwashers!

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Garbage Disposal Repair Services are One of Our Specialties

Garbage disposals help you eliminate undesirable waste down the drain. The disposal is one of the most essential gadgets in your kitchen, along with the dishwasher. Our specialists have the skills and training to repair a broken disposer system.

 We provide fast service, assessing your unique needs in and around Fountain Inn, SC.

Note that you may attempt to resolve system problems on your own. The majority of units have a reset button on or close to the bottom. Allow your device to cool down for a few moments and then press the reset button if you had to turn it off.

You may get your unit back into service. However, for best results, the experts recommend working with plumbing professionals. Our team has the experience and training to take care of garbage disposal repair services in Fountain Inn, SC, and the upstate as well.

Extending the Life of Your Disposal

To avoid the necessity for repair services, take actions to keep your system in excellent functioning order. Keep an eye on what goes into the disposal and make sure it’s clean. Grease and other mushy substances are bad news, for example.

When you use the system to get rid of organic waste, run cold water through at the same time. Keeping your machine and drains clean also helps the system last longer. For optimal outcomes, use a baking soda and vinegar combination washed down with hot water.

We recommend against taking this step of using a product like Liquid-Plumr, as it’s unlikely to take care of the real issue and may even make the situation more serious. You will most likely save time and effort by calling a plumbing professional first.

Garbage Disposals Sometimes Just Fail

In certain circumstances, your system might have a catastrophic failure. In this instance, a plumber will examine the problem and give you either service or replacement options.

If your garbage disposal has some age on it, it is probably not worth repairing it. Instead, you can install a new unit that handles your needs and is more efficient. Our team installs new units and provides regular tune-up services to keep your new system in perfect working order.

Garbage Disposal Not Working Fountain Inn, SC?

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