Emergency Plumbing Repairs Piedmont SC

Do You Need Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Piedmont SC?


Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. Some plumbing companies are only open during office hours, so who can you call? The expert plumbers at Greenville Plumbing Pros are here for you in Piedmont 24/7. You can call us at 864-362-2955 for flooding, burst pipes and any other issues that have the potential to ruin your property.

How Do I Know It’s a Plumbing Emergency?

Normal plumbing wear and tear like broken toilets and clogged drains are an inconvenience, but broken plumbing that floods your home with harmful bacteria or covers your basement in many inches of water that will eventually mold is definitely an emergency. Some of the most common occurrences are:

A Burst Pipe

When a pipe bursts in your home in Piedmont, you need to know you can stop that water flow quickly. The longer water sits in your house, the greater the damage it causes.

Burst pipes can be caused by:

  •   Normal wear and tear on old pipes
  •   Misuse
  •   Untreated clogs
  •   Sudden changes in the weather

Thankfully, we don’t have temperatures way below the freezing point that often in Piedmont. Sometimes the wear and tear of below freezing temperatures over time is what finally makes your pipes burst. You’re going to need to call Greenville Plumbing Pros quickly when that happens.

Severe Toilet Clogs

Every toilet clogs now and then. Sometimes there are clogs that are not the normal variety. Please call us ASAP at 864-362-2955 if:

  •   You can’t clear a toilet clog with a plunger
  •   The clog affects the water pressure in your home
  •   Your toilet overflows onto your floor

Have you heard of “black” water? Blackwater is water from your plumbing system that has bacteria and other yucky stuff. If can be dangerous if it gets into areas of your home that you interact with. You’ll need a professional to take care of it.

Water Heater Issues

Hot water heaters are tricky. They use electricity or gas to heat the water and those are best left to professionals who are trained to work on them. Contact Greenville Plumbing Pros to get fast assistance with water heater replacement or repairs. If you are without hot water and can’t bathe, wash dishes or your clothes, you can have a huge problem that impacts your life.

When Should I Call an Emergency Plumber Near Me?

When’s the right time to reach out to an emergency plumber in Piedmont? If your situation is potentially dangerous, call us as soon as possible at 864-362-2955. We are available to answer calls 24/7. Give us a call during regular business hours if your garbage disposal is broken or a faucet won’t stop dripping.

Waiting to call a professional plumber can mean that your home and property could end up with damages way beyond just some leaks and clogs.

Prevent Emergencies with Plumbing Services 

Regular maintenance can keep you from having to call Greenville Plumbing Pros in the middle of the night or on a weekend. We can check you hot water heater for leaks, your drains for clogs and make sure your sump pump is in proper working order. Stopping emergencies before they start is the best way to not have to call an emergency plumber in Piedmont in the first place.

We Handle Your Plumbing Needs

Our technicians handle all plumbing services in Piedmont. You can contact us if there is an emergency or to set up a maintenance appointment. We install plumbing, like sump pumps, hot water heaters, tankless water heaters, dishwashers and garbage disposals.

Emergency Plumbing Piedmont, SC

Don’t wait to get help if you experience an emergency in Piedmont, SC. Our experienced technicians at Greenville Plumbing Pros stay on-call around the clock to provide fast assistance with professional-grade equipment. Call us at 864-362-2955, so we can begin your emergency plumbing repairs now.

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