Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Piedmont SC

Should We Repair or Replace the Disposal?

Garbage disposals aren’t very glamorous, but they perform an essential service in our Piedmont SC homes. They take the food that we are finished with and whisk it down the drain. But sometimes that process gets interrupted by clogs or blades that no longer turn. That can lead to a big mess. 

Greenville Plumbing Pros will be happy to look at that broken disposal to see if it needs a simple reset or if it’s better to just start new. Give us a call in Piedmont to set up a service appointment at 864-362-2955. Get the great service you deserve.

Is Your Garbage Disposal On It’s Last Leg?

Garbage disposals tend to last a long time if you care for them properly. There are definitely some things that just can’t go through the disposal. They just can’t.

Here are some items that you should not put through your disposal:

  •   Meats
  •   Fats
  •   Grease
  •   Fibrous materials (like carrot peels)

Meat seems like an odd thing to have on the list, but it’s kind of tough and sometimes turns into strings when put through the disposal. That means the blades slow down or stop and the motor can overheat. Fatty substances that are solid at room temperature may seem OK, but once they turn from liquid back to solid, you have a gross mess in the appliance. The next items you run through the disposal will just stick to that mess. Vegetable and fruit peels can do the same things that stringy meat can do.

Regular kitchen trash should never go in the disposal.

When to Get Help with Garbage Disposal Repairs

How do you know when you need service for a garbage disposal in Piedmont, SC? Give us a call at 864-362-2955 if your disposal:

  •   Stops running
  •   Begins leaking
  •   Starts making a lot of noise
  •   Emits strange smells

Garbage disposals and dishwashers are have an interesting relationship. When your disposal breaks, it affects dishwasher drainage and can cause blocks and leaks. Call Greenville Plumbing Pros and have us take a look. Your dishwasher problem may actually be a disposal problem.

We provide comprehensive plumbing services throughout the area around Piedmont, SC.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services are One of Our Specialties

Would you want to entertain or have a big party without a disposal? Most of us can’t remember living in a house or condo that didn’t have one. Disposals are small, but are a big part of our lives. Don’t decide that you can’t have that party or host that Thanksgiving feast because your garbage disposal isn’t working. We can fix it. Call us at 864-362-2955.

We provide fast service, assessing your unique needs in and around Piedmont, SC.

You might be able to reset your broken disposal by pushing the reset button that is on the bottom of some garbage disposal units. It might fix the problem or it might just work for a short time. However, working with skilled professionals is suggested for the best outcome. Our staff has the knowledge and training to handle garbage disposal repair services in Piedmont, SC and the upstate.

Extending the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

You may be using hot water to rinse off your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, but you need to use cold water when you run your garbage disposal. The cold water helps keep the particles solidified, which helps your disposal do it’s job.

A simple baking soda and vinegar solution can help clean up smells and small bits that didn’t quite make it down.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Maintenance

There are a lot of home appliances that can be repaired over and over and that makes sense. But a garbage disposal, when it breaks, is an appliance that can be easily replaced. The amount of money that it costs to fix it can be just about the same as replacing it. Our plumbing experts can help you decide the best direction choose.

Garbage Disposal Not Working Piedmont, SC?

Get fast service after your garbage disposal stops working in Piedmont, SC. Reach out to our team at Greenville Plumbing Pros to set up an immediate service call. We’ll review your options to restore or replace your unit. Contact our highly skilled and trained team at 864-362-2955 to get started.

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