Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair Travelers Rest SC

Keeping the Old or In With the New?

We all know what a garbage disposal does. It magically takes the food from your plate and makes it disappear forever. But that process involves blades that are meant to grind that food very small so that it can make it’s way down the drain. Sometimes that just doesn’t work. Then you have a potential mess.

Greenville Plumbing Pros will be happy to look at that broken disposal to see if it needs a simple reset or if it’s better to just start new. Give us a call in Travelers Rest to set up a service appointment at 864-362-2955. Get the great service you deserve.

Is Your Garbage Disposal On It’s Last Leg?

Disposals are pretty beefy, but you have to treat them right. You can’t just throw whatever you want in them and expect them to last forever. Putting certain types of food waste into the system can cause issues.

Garbage disposal clogs often occur when homeowners pour in:

  •   Meats
  •   Fats
  •   Grease
  •   Fibrous materials (like carrot peels)

Most meat is too tough and stringy to do well in a garbage disposal. Fats and grease that are solid at room temperature are definitely a no-go. Imagine what happens when that stuff goes from liquid back to solid. A mess. The vegetable peels that you send down after that just get stuck to the sticky mess.

It goes without saying that regular trash should never go down the drain.

When to Get Help with Garbage Disposal Repairs

How do you know when you need service for a garbage disposal in Travelers Rest, SC? Contact Greenville Plumbing Pros if any of these happen with your disposal:

  •   Stops running
  •   Begins leaking
  •   Starts making a lot of noise
  •   Emits strange smells

Most people don’t know that garbage disposals and dishwashers are buddies. But if the disposal has a blockage, it scan send water running into the dishwasher. That’s gross and can lead to leaks and breaks. Call Greenville Plumbing Pros and have us take a look. Your dishwasher problem may actually be a disposal problem.

We provide comprehensive plumbing services throughout the area around Travelers Rest, SC.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services are One of Our Specialties

Most of us don’t remember life without a garbage disposal. Imagine throwing a huge party without one? Thanksgiving? That seems really hard. When you can’t rely on your disposal to take care of those big dinner scraps, you might decide not to entertain in the first place. No! We can fix it. Call us at 864-362-2955.

We provide fast service, assessing your unique needs in and around Travelers Rest, SC.

Resetting your disposal by pushing the reset button that is on the bottom of some garbage disposals can help. You might get your unit back to working for a while. However, working with skilled professionals is suggested for the best outcome. Our staff has the knowledge and training to handle garbage disposal repair services in Travelers Rest, SC and the upstate.

Extending the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

Always run cold water down the drain when you’re using your garbage disposal. This keeps things running smoothly. Cleaning your disposal is also easy with baking soda and vinegar. Mix some up and send it down your drain.

When a problem arises with the unit, some homeowners choose to pour Liquid Plumr down the drain. We advise against doing so as it is unlikely to fix the underlying issue and may make matters worse.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Maintenance

Do you repair? Do you just buy new? Honestly, sometimes it’s just best to get a new, modern disposal. Sometimes you realize your disposal has been doing it’s job for 20 years. That’s great! But now it’s time to get something new that does a better job and saves electricity to boot!

Garbage Disposal Not Working Travelers Rest, SC?

Get fast service after your garbage disposal stops working in Travelers Rest, SC. Reach out to our team at Greenville Plumbing Pros to set up an immediate service call. We’ll review your options to restore or replace your unit. Contact our highly skilled and trained team at 864-362-2955 to get started.

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