When should I call an emergency plumber, or maybe the better question, what constitutes a plumbing emergency? While there will certainly be plumbing issues that can be fixed by yourself, you’ll want to be sure to call Greenville’s emergency plumbing experts as soon as possible to help ensure things get fixed right away and any damage to your home or office is minimized.

When Is It a Plumbing Emergency?

While many plumbing emergencies make themselves apparent quite quickly, some significant damage can be caused by an unchecked leak, which can still be very costly. Below we’ve listed some common plumbing issues where you’ll want to call the trusted plumbing technicians at Greenville Plumbing Pros located in Greenville, SC, as soon as possible.

Flooding in the house

If you notice flooding, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to contact the plumbing experts. If you don’t immediately get a trained plumbing expert, the inconvenience and damage costs will only increase costs. Flooded areas can cause serious issues, including structural damage and/or harmful mold growth. An expert at your trusted emergency plumbing company in Greenville, SC, will fix the problem and can prevent potential plumbing problems as well.

Your toilet is overflowing

The toilet is beginning to overflow. It could be damaged pipes or simply a clog. While not every clogged toilet requires an emergency plumber, if it repeatedly clogs, you’ll want one of our friendly plumbing professionals to come and check it out. Try to tackle this alone, and you’ll end up wishing you had just called a plumbing professional instead of letting your bathroom get the better of you.

A pipe has burst

You don’t want to risk the safety of your home on the idea that a pipe might not be as bad as it looks. Water gushing from your plumbing water lines can quickly become a bigger issue than you’re prepared to handle. It’s better to be cautious than wait for potential water damages to force you to flush your money down the drain. Unsecured piping, corrosion, excessive water pressure, or frozen pipes in the winter can all end badly without a professional.

There is no water in the house

There are plenty of issues where you have too much-unwanted water coming from your plumbing, but what about when you have no water? While an overflowing toilet makes its presence quickly apparent, a lack of water can cause equal damage without the spectacle.

We depend on having running water available within our homes for cooking, drinking, cleaning, etc. When it isn’t available, it has an immediate impact on our livelihood and day to day routines.  

There could be a number of reasons why your home’s water is no longer flowing as it should. Pipes may be broken somewhere leading to your home, there could be a clog upstream, or you may have a valve in the wrong position somewhere. It can become a very clear crisis when you find yourself unable to do even the simplest of tasks without water. An emergency plumber in Greenville, SC, can help get your water working quickly and safely.

The sewage line is backed up or broken

Another situation that can cause severe damage, inconvenience, and unfortunately, a very unpleasant experience, is an issue with your sewer line. A good sewage line removes wastewater from your home. If the sewer line is cracked, foul-smelling water can begin to puddle on your lawn. The sewage can back up into the house through sinks, toilets, and bathtubs as well. It is important to recognize that sometimes when water doesn’t drain, the issue can be bigger than just a normal clog. Not every problem is simple enough to be solved by a cheap drain snake. If you’re starting to notice a sewer odor, you’ll want to investigate what the issue may be. If you’re not able to find what the cause is, be sure to call for a plumber to come to remedy the issue.

No hot water in the house

Besides the annoyance of taking only cold showers, there are other problems which can arise when you notice you no longer have hot water or if there seems to be less hot water available. Your water heater may have a leak, the water heater element, or the gas pilot is no longer working. Regardless, problems with your water heater can end up being incredibly dangerous. Water heaters can explode or bust, thus flooding your house with water. If you notice your hot water going out, call a trusted emergency plumbing company in Greenville, SC, right away.

What Should You Do When You Encounter a Plumbing Emergency?

Stop the water

Find water valves and shut off your water. It’s important to prevent greater damage before the initial issue can be fixed.

Remove electrical devices

If electrical devices are in the path of flooding, remove them quickly. Do not try to get to electrical devices that are already in flooded areas.

If you have a plumbing emergency, be sure to call a professional

If you’re in an emergency and need service, it’s important to call a plumbing professional before things get worse. Contact Greenville Plumbing Pros in Greenville, SC, at 864-3189-9171. You can also find us on our website at https://greenvilleplumbingpros.com. We’re here for you 24/7.